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Founded with the vision of simply being better, we take care of each of our customers and partners with the same passion with which you run your business. Over 28 years of experience in the national and international markets, let us speak the same language. We know very well what is important in your business when we offer you our products.

Ingo Niksic, Senior

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More than 28 years of experience in international Sales and Business Development of different products and industries, including more than 13 years with Material Handler of different brands


Learn the rules of the game as soon as possible and then play better, harder and more effectively than everyone else

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BMA Maschinenvertrieb International

In addition to Germany as our main market, we are currently also active in the following countries through sales and service partners

Austria - Switzerland - Denmark - Slovenia - Croatia - Serbia - Bosnia-Hercegovina - Montenegro - North Macedonia - Albania - Kosovo - Romania - United Arab Emirates - Ghana

We are always open for the development of new markets. Just contact us for more information

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Service and Sales partners

We are constantly expanding our service and sales partner structure so that we are as close as possible to you 

Please contact us if you are interested in a sales or service partnership  with us in your region. We focus on sustainability