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We are exclusively dedicated to the exclusive and nationwide distribution of the Italian premium manufacturer Tabarelli Material Handler. Scrap, recycling, material handling, that is our passion. Founded with a vision to simply be better, we serve each of our customers and partners with the same passion with which you run your business. Over 27 years of experience in the national and international markets, let us speak the same language. We know exactly what is important in your business when we offer you our products

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Create great things together

Simply better is our motto. We have set ourselves the goal of making history together with our customers and partners, of breaking new ground. We are constantly looking what we can improve, always adapting to customer needs and thus constantly developing further. Just accompany us.

  Safety rethought

Tabarelli Material Handler with safe and convenient cab access at ground level through our patented FlyCab system. Your safety comes first with our handling machines. Discover our unique comfort zone.


BMA Maschinenvertrieb ENGLISH Tabarelli Material Handler

      Work 8 hours without cables

Electric material handlers are always a big investment. Therefore, this should also be used maximally efficiently. Our battery machines are flexible and sustainable at the same time. We use today the technology that will become standard tomorrow.


BMA Maschinenvertrieb ENGLISH Tabarelli Material Handler



is Tabarelli's new range of material handlers, offering five color combinations as standard. The undercarriage remains gray, while the color of the upper carriage is based on the contrasting lettering line.
The combination options offer something for every taste: from plain tones to bold colors



We can material handling, yet we learn every day

We always strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. The feedback from our customers is crucial to this. We incorporate this into our product developments, but also into our daily work. We share your passion, so we know very well what is important for you in the right choice of your equipment.

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Strive for a sustainable partnership together with us !

Please contact us if you are interested in a sales or service partnership with us in your region. We focus on sustainability.

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Passion Made in Italy

With Tabarelli Material Handler we represent an Italian premium manufacturer who produce each of their products with passion and a lot of heart and soul, starting with the design, through the manufacturing and subsequent quality assurance, further to the customized optimization according to customer requirements, up to the delivery.

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